Dr.Vijay Ramachandran is a renowned Surgical Gastroenterologist, Laparoscopic and Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgeon in Mangalore. His areas of interest include Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery including Laparoscopic Surgery for Weight Loss (Bariatric Surgery) and Colorectal diseases, Surgery for Gastrointestinal Cancers and Surgery for Disorders of the Liver, Pancreas and Biliary tract.

About Dr. Vijay Ramachandran

Current Appointment

  • HOD & Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist, HPB & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon,
  • Yenepoya Specialty Hospital, Kodialbail, Mangalore. Karnataka. D.K.District. South India.
  • Visiting Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist, NMPT Hospital, Panambur and Priyadarshini Charitable Hospital, Payyanur.

Professional Qualifications

MBBS,MS,M.Ch (Gastrointestinal Surgery,AIIMS),FRCS,FUICC (New York),FMAS,FIAGES

He has undergone extensive training in Laparoscopic Surgery and use of G.I.Staplers at Ethicon Institute of Surgical Education (Chennai & Delhi) and Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery with Dr.Luc Lemmens,Dr.Ramesh Makam and Dr.Muffazal Lakdawala. He has undergone Fellowships in Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery with Dr.L.H.Blumgart,Dr.William Jarnagin and Dr.Kui Hin Liau. He regularly participates in several National and International conferences.

Professional memberships

  • Association of Surgeons of India                  
  • 2001
  • Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India    
  • 2008
  • Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo Surgeons
  • 2008
  • Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterologists   
  • 2008
  • Indian Medical Association   
  • 2009
  • International Club of As cites   
  • 2010
  • Association of UICC Fellows   
  • 2010
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology   
  • 2011
  • European Society of Digestive Oncology   
  • 2011
  • European Society of Surgical Oncology   
  • 2012
  • European Association of Cancer Research   
  • 2012
  • Obesity & Metabolic Society of India   
  • 2012
  • International Federation for Surgery of Obesity   
  • 2012
  • International Bariatric Club   
  • 2012
  • Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons of England   
  • 2012
  • International Society of Infectious Diseases   
  • 2012
  • ESSO Young Surgeons and Alumni Club   
  • 2012
  • Liver Intensive Care Group of Europe   
  • 2012
  • European Association for the Study of the Liver   
  • 2012

    Previous Research Experience:

    • "Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing Neoadjuvant Radiotherapy and Surgery versus Surgery alone in Squamous Cell Carcinoma Oesophagus" All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), India Mentor: Prof. T.K.Chattopadhyay
    • "A Study on the Natural History of Portal Biliopathy in patients with Extrahepatic Portal Vein Occlusion" All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) India
      Mentor: Dr.Peush Sahni


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    18.Pearls in Surgery. Kapoor VK. Hyderabad: Paras Medical Books 2013:1-686. ISBN-13: 978-9383124022.


    • 'Clinicopathological study of necrotizing soft tissue infections'  – February 2002
      (ASI South Zone Conference, Cape Comorin)

    • 'Isolated Duodenal Metastasis in malignancy of uterine cervix' – September 2002
      (XIIth National conference of IASG, Hyderabad)

    • 'Parietal Peritoneal patch repair – A novel technique of               – September 2007
      managing feeding jejunostomy leaks (XVIIth National conference of IASG, New Delhi)

    Editorial Advisory Board (Member):

    • The Open Surgical Oncology Journal
    • International Journal of Biomedical Science
    • Webmedcentral



    ISSF Travel Scholarship Award, ISW 2013, Helsinki     2013
    ICS International Scholarship, Belgium     2012
    International Scholarship, UEGW Amsterdam     2012
    Emerging Stars Award, Egypt GastroHep, Cairo      2010
    International Scholarship, UEGW Barcelona 2010
    UICC ICRETT Fellowship (ICR 09-019), MSKCC, New York 2009
    ICS IS Asia Pacificon International Travelling Fellowship 2009
    Fellowship IAGES (FIAGES) 2009
    Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery (FMAS) 2009
    First prize in Apollo Annual Medi Quiz 1999
    First rank in M.B.B.S (Calicut University) 1999


    • KMC Registration
    • Certificate of Good Standing
    • TCMC Registration
    • MCI Registration
    • MBBS
    • M.Ch.
    • MS

    Surgeries Offered:

    Laparoscopic Surgery Gastric Surgery Liver Surgery Gall Bladder and Biliary Tract Surgery Pancreatic Surgery Small Bowel Surgery Colorectal Surgery Bariatric Surgery GI Cancer Surgery GI Bleeding Surgery Complex Reoperative Abdominal Surgery